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About the Band

REDWOOD PROPHETS - The band's story

REDWOOD PROPHETS: located in Sonoma County, California, home of the ancient redwood trees. Formed in November 2015, Redwood Prophets have three singer-songwriters collaborating and creating fantastic original songs. Their debut album "Redwood Prophets" was released in February, 2017. Rooted in the Northern California music traditions of rock, blues, country, jazz and psych, Redwood Prophets bring fresh sounds and create tasty grooves that are both new and timeless. Available to perform for music clubs, theaters and concert venues, Redwood Prophets are performing throughout Northern California, and are writing lots of new songs.

Joe Chaplain: guitars, bass, vocals, percussion, Omnichord, harmonicas
Eric "Ric" Cullen: keyboards, vocals, harmonicas
Bryan Paisley: bass, guitars, vocals
Chuck Walter: drums, percussion


JOE CHAPLAIN (aka Joseph Jacobs) hails from Motown, relocated to San Francisco in the early 70s. An award-winning singer-songwriter (Billboard International Songwriting Competition, John Lennon Songwriting Contest) and multi-instrumentalist, Joe has played solo, in duets, trios and in many bands. Bands include Sundance, Window, M'ash'Allah, Al Fellahin, Factrix, Bay of Pigs and The Joe Chaplain Band. Joe has shared the stage with the Jerry Garcia Band, Jefferson Starship, and many other local acts. Joe moved to Sonoma in 1992 and has formed many strong musical friendships with players in the North Bay. His own Eutona Records label has released two studio and three live albums of music by Joe and the Joe Chaplain band.


ERIC CULLEN (aka "RIC") Originally from San Diego, CA, Eric has been a songwriter and performer for over 30 years. In San Diego, he played briefly with The Nephews before moving to Sonoma County in 1989. He studied music at Sonoma State University; co-founded Mermaid Records in 1991, a cassette-based label that operated for 10 years recording and releasing local bands' recordings. Eric has recorded extensively as a solo artist and played in many bands, including Freeloaders, The Vallejo Street Band, Amphora, and The Joe Chaplain Band. Active in all areas of music, Eric currently runs his cottage-label, Estate Grown Records, and hosts a bi-monthly radio program on a local public station, in addition to writing, performing and jamming with the Redwood Prophets.


BRYAN PAISLEY Bryan grew up in the Bay Area in the 70’s. Think hot tubs, nudity, LSD, and a thick waft of ganga in the air. His early musical influences include Santana, Frank Zappa, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Parliament, Miles Davis, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. Bryan played acoustic guitar for years before going electric, focusing more on composition and lyrics than the psychedelic infused jam-music of his late teens and 20’s. Today, Bryan is a self-described "musical agnostic” and explores all styles, from Afro-Pop, to electronica, to hard rock and rap. 5 years ago, he started playing bass which he prefers because of “its subtle harmony and pocket presence.” Band credits include: Melodious Thunk, The Helfand-Paisley Project, Rhythm is One, Adios Gringo, Butterhog, The Burnsiders, and now, the Redwood Prophets. 


CHUCK WALTER has played drums professionally in California since age 14. Chuck learned the ropes the hard (best) way - playing live on the road, in country and western honky tonks from one end of California to the other. Chuck has performed with the Lisa Randolph Band, Sidewinder, and Linda Ronstadt, touring with New Riders of the Purple Sage, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen and The Joe Chaplain Band. An incredible stylist and master of the tasty fill, Chuck has been playing with Joe Chaplain for 10 years. Yay!

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